Thursday, January 26, 2006

RE: Joel Stein and the Los Angeles Times:

Well, I went to the carwash today and I made sure that I picked up one of those "I Support the Troops" car magnets in the shape of a ribbon. I'd been meaning to get one for my car for some time now, but I kept forgetting.

Joel Stein says that these magnets are hypocritical; he does not support our troops, and he takes pleasure in saying so. Glib and incurious, Joel Stein is very childish. And he knows very little about the military. Does he write that he doesn't support the troops simply to draw attention to himself, to promote his career? Maybe he feels guilty because he doesn't understand gratitude, or the military. Could this piece could be an unconcious attempt to rationalize? Or maybe he is just extremely self-absorbed - too much MTV - and disconnected from the hard, cold facts of life.

What surprises (troubles?) me, though, is the fact that the Los Angeles Times has given this boy-man a pulpit from which to joke-preach. I thought the LA Times was a grown-up paper. There are many wonderful writers, columnists, and humorists around. I read them daily surfing the the blogosphere - why, why give Joel Stein a column? His writing is not funny, nor is it insightful; it is superficial and mediocre.

Seriously, were it not for the blogosphere, the dearth of adequate local newspapers in Los Angeles would be insufferable.


Blogger ptg said...

I had a 'junior' press photographer pass from the old Examiner when in high school in California. I think they (Herald - Examiner) were done in by unionists, no?

Hope you don't mind, but I have added Heroic Dreams to the Plains Feeder's anti-communist blogroll.

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