Friday, January 26, 2007

Why is it so difficult for the Western anti-war left to understand what the Saudi Arabian Wahhabis get with no difficulty. Plant your ideas in the middle of a culture and water them, and watch them grow. The Bush plan in Iraq is to plant democracy and to watch it grow.

The Wahhabis have planted their jihadist ideas in Europe and America. They are watering these ideas and watching them grow, providing jihad literature, videos, funding for mosques and schools etc.

Bush has planted democracy in Iraq. He is trying to water it and watch it grow.

And yet the left seems clueless about this. “WMD!” they cry. Or, “Saddam was a secularist! He had nothing to do with Al Queda.” Or, “Iraqis were better of under Saddam.”

Bush is a terrible communicator. But his vision is correct. We cannot win against Islamist Totalitarianism by the slaughter of millions. Nor can we wish it away, pretending it doesn’t exist. The jihadists encompass the Shia in Iran, and with them Hezb’Allah in Lebanon, as well as the Wahhabi Sunnis in Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. (Future Jihad by Walid Phares)

Bush is establishing a beachhead in Iraq from which to fight the war against Islamist Totalitarianism. He plans to fight it from this location with ideas, with freedom.

Bush’s vision is not new. Reagan, a far superior communicator, shared the same vision. It is a vision of the supremacy of freedom, based on historical proof. Speaking to the Houses of Paliaments in the UK Reagan states: “The hard evidence of totalitarian rule has caused in mankind an uprising of intellect and will…there is a unifying thread of rejection of the arbitrary power of the state. The refusal to subordinate the rights of the individual to the suprastate..” (

Reagan was specifically talking about communism and El Salvador but he could easily have been talking about Islamic Totalitarianism and Iraq.

The Bush idea is that a viable democracy in the Middle East will starve the roots of Islamic Totalitarianism. History has shown that people choose freedom over enslavement.

Does the left have any other idea? In the UK, it’s denial, denial, denial. In the US, the same thing. Obama wants universal health care. Hillary wants to win. Edwards is running on rich people in America sharing their wealth with poor people in America.

If your head is buried in the sand and Islamic Totalitarianism is allowed to proliferate will you notice?


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